October 27-29, 2022 | University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA

Hybrids & Haecceities seeks novel approaches to design and research that dissolve binary conditions and inherent hierarchies in order to embrace new modes of practice. Haecceities describe the qualities or properties of objects that define them as unique. Concurrently, Hybrids are entities with characteristics enhanced by the process of combining two or more elements with different properties. In concert, these terms offer a provocation toward more inclusive and specific forms of computational design.

Hybrids & Haecceities aligns with a fundamental shift away from abstract generalized models of production toward greater degrees of customization at unprecedented scales, made possible by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With greater reliance on cyber-physical systems, this shift supports more diverse and considered forms of embodiment and participation in the built environment. Conversely, the design and construction industries have profound global effects with significant political, economic, and environmental impacts. The urgent need to decarbonize buildings, and at the same time, provide equitable infrastructure to communities at risk, places responsibility on the design disciplines to form new collaborations in the effort to address today’s social and ecological crises.

ACADIA 2022 invited contributions on how Hybrids & Haecceities poses new theory and practice approaches to design and construction that transgress disciplinary boundaries, be these computational, material, robotic, cultural, infrastructural, or ecological.

The 2022 ACADIA conference was hosted at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design in Philadelphia, PA and, featured peer-reviewed, juried, and curated content, as well as keynotes and panel discussions. Contact: 2022@acadia.org